The Loosening of the Seal…

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Every Ending Has A Beginning

Ah, how long has it been? It seems like I have been holding on for an eternity. This inner burden and weight. Every step has been full of anguish and pain. Every motion… an intense battle of wills to restrain the forces that have taken root within my very being. My body and soul struggles in an endless battle to keep that which is within separated from the peaceful world that we have come to know.

It is as if an inner self, having steeped for a long time, sought to be freed from the confines of the within.

Inspirational Change From The Darkness Within

It was a night not too long ago, where I heard the calling of my other self. A cry for release. To breath the fresh and untainted air that it is denied while imprisoned within this tainted body. My arm, bound and sealed through my own efforts… trembles at the thought of freedom. At the mention of the possibility of being able to escape those frail bindings.

I found the calling too much and I had to find another way to release the pressure and burden of maintaining this constant vigil!

So I offered an exchange… or perhaps it was that which was within that made the deal… and it was I who accepted the bargain.

To grant the venting of the darkness within… I summoned forth the powers brought forth through my bloodline and periodically… allow the formless powers from the inner depths flow into this world. I can only hope that the world is able to withstand the unseen darkness that lingers in the ethers. But it is a far better price to pay than the complete unsealing of those bindings. No, those must never be unsealed… the horrors would be too much. The damage to the world… unthinkable.

A devil’s bargain… the seal remains… but loosened.