The Chuuni Vessel of Unyielding Force

Table of Contents

A Device Like Unto My Own Self

I was wandering through the ether in search of past life brother and sisters. Those Chuuni who shared the burden of my well of condensed darkness. Some other being or entity that understood the unending burden of keeping within… that which sought to escape.

A power that strained against the bindings… a great force that… if harnessed for good… would be a great ally indeed.

What I found, in my wanderings was a collection of devices very much like myself. Vessels with the destiny of gathering the unseen forces of the world and forcing them deep within themselves. They reminded me of the ancient magic vessels of old. The halcyon objects that condensed the essence of the ancient mages. The vessels which I observed in front of myself bore some resemblance to these mythical devices. In my excitement, I reached out with my sealed inner self and brought the devices from beyond the veil…

“The Instant Pot”
“Vessel of Unyielding Force”

Alchemic Vessel

The vessel in question, simply called the “The Instant Pot”. This device takes in the energetic force from the energy network that permeates the land. The device’s voracious appetite consumes 1200W of energy while it is condensing the ether.

The wisdom of my inner self brought forth a device that could contain 8 quarts of space. And within this space, the device can bring forth heat, pressure, and serve as the catalyst for change. The design and construction is reminiscent of the work of mythic races like Dwarves and Gnomes. The somewhat violent nature of the treatment of the contents… does not seem to be aligned with creations common to craftsmen of Elvish lineage.

Transformation of The Flesh

Over the course of months, I have subjected a wide variety of flesh to the hellish environment of the inner chamber of the vessel. I have found that the generous amount of heat and pressure generated and contained within, the inner will of the living tissue of living creatures are made weak. It is as if the meat had been subjected to the torment of Hell itself… the fire, oppressive atmosphere, and the wearing down of the soul. All of that is found to be evident in the hellish pot.

The moment of release, the device shrieks with the piercing sound of the banshee. Great heat capable of scalding the hands is emitted with great force. The sweet fragrance lulls one into a false sense of heaven within… when the truth is that hell is made manifest in our realm… so that the powers from the dark depths below are brought to bear and render the flesh of beasts more palatable to the average person.

When I gazed upon the bubbling concoction revealed with the opening of the vessel… I felt my inner demons roar with a force that drove me to restrain my sealed arm. I was trembling with the desire to consume the transformed flesh.

Once the urges had subsided, I feasted upon what the vessel yielded and found the flavor and texture to be comparable to the effort of a cook having labored for the better part of the day. Truly an amazing device.

Fusion of Nature and Magic

Encouraged by the results of the transformation of beast flesh, I brought forth willful tubers and taproots. Having been spawned below the ground, having fed upon and grown on the darkness. I worried that the similarity of the elements would not yield a result to my liking.

I had sought the familial cousins of the nightshade family… and upon finding them, I extracted their fleshy bodies. Several hefty hunks, cleaved from the whole, were placed within the “The Instant Pot” along with the requisite amount of pure spring water. The ritual I employed with the beast flesh… I employed with the severed hunks.

I watched as the vessel brought to bear the forces of the underworld and once again wondered at the calm on the outside of what was otherwise an incredibly inhospitable environment being formed. Time passed and the shrieking of escaping souls came to pass. I gazed upon the contents and saw that the white flesh of the plant body had darkened, taking on a dove grey color… even slightly earth like.

The texture was dense and amazing. The flavor took on a flavor that was reminiscent of nuts.

Indispensable Device of Gastronomic Alchemy

There are apparently a wide spectrum of forms with which these devices take form!

Their external colors span the colors of the rainbows. Their form as varied as the beasts that roam the Earth. They come from far away lands as well as nearby neighbors. Truly a wonderous tool of our era!