Making Coffee, The Chuuni Way
  1. Making Coffee, The Chuuni Way
  2. Implements of Infinitesimal Transformation

A Wonderful Drink That Pleases The Chuuni Within

Sometimes, when I find myself at crossroads between unleashing the seal and watching the world be consumed by darkness, I draw strength from a dark brew derived from a humble bean, which has gone through a baptism of fire of its own.

I speak of Coffee! Glorious Coffee! Bitter as heck Coffee!

Yes, Coffee.

I have tried different varieties, brands, levels of demonification, and the many ways in which the goodness within the bean can be extracted out for my uses.

A simple cup of coffee... Such a quiet and plain appearance conceals such massive powers... my Chuuni self considers this a divine drink!
A visage of a humble vessel for a most dark brew.
Artist: Julius Schorzman.(source)

It Takes A Chuuni Village… Or A Global Supply chain

I currently reside within the borders of a country by the name of the United States of America. It is a long name for a country with a relatively short history… perhaps the USA also hides an inner self that seeks to burst forth… ah, a fellow chuuni.

Having said that, the bean which I require, is not produced within the Continental US. There are places that grow and produce the beans in the countries to our South as well to the far east, and the cluster of islands which flies the US flag.

Most all of the brews I have concocted have employed beans from the south and from the island.

It is quite fortunate that in this modern era, a wide selection of beans can be had:

Qualities To Choose From To Quell Your Chuuni Heart

While there are nearly infinite levels of a “roast” that can be achieved, there are really only three kinds that I look at. If you want to learn more about the wide array of roasts, check out:

Light Roast

This level of roast gives the most “green” tasting brew. If you want to experience a hint of spring and the most floral and fruit notes, this is the roast to choose. Due to the fact that caffeine is usually destroyed in the roasting process, the light roast will also have the most caffeine.

Medium Roast

Dark Roast

  1. Making Coffee, The Chuuni Way
  2. Implements of Infinitesimal Transformation