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Who we are

Ah… who am I? I am the one who live under the curse of having to suppress the inner darkness that lies sealed within. From time to time, I find myself weakened and unable to suppress the thoughts and images. Their power finds a way out, manifesting in all manner of things…


While the shadows that flow within us are deep and dark… we honor the rights of those who seek to add their voice to the whole. We ask only that those who find themselves unable to withhold the voices from within.. do so in moderation and with a mindfulness that there are those who are not strong enough to withstand all that exists within your own mind and heart!

Should any such utterances be found, I fear the inner shadow sealed within my own body will burst forth to remove such things. You’ve been warned.


Much that resides here springs forth from the deep dark well within my own self. However, there are things which manage to exist beyond the realm of my mind and body. What a glorious thing! Those things are, of course, under the ownership of those others who originated such things… be they words, imagery, sounds, or any other such creations. The bonds that they share with their creations is deep and not one which I would dare to sever or hinder! But should one find a part of themselves caught under the shadow of my other self… bring the matter to my attention and I shall rectify it by withdrawing my inner being so that it troubles you no more.


All beings and all places have a mark… a signature… that they leave behind… and are thus recognized! Our respective inner eyes can perceive such things… but in respect of others who might treat through this space that my sealed self has manifested… If one should wish that my inner eye does not gaze upon you in a manner that seeks to follow your every move and thought… I have erected a means by which the influence of mine eye can be reduced.


Save for the machinations and operations of this place… I do not seek to retain any of your recognizable essence.

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It is amazing how much overlap there is between the realms created by each others’ inner selves. Our shadows intermingle as if caught by firelight! The joy!

Whenever the shadows of another are brought into the light of my inner world, I will be sure to recognize the greatness of the origin of such shadows! I will not obscure that which belongs to another’s sealed self. I dare not!

What belongs to others and what belongs to my own self… the lines are made clear.

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Who we share your data with

Under the cacophony that is the voices rebounding through the ether, there are beings with which I engage in shared insight. Through our dealings, some of what my sealed self perceives is also perceived through this bonding.

It is due to the strong mercantile desires of their hidden face that they desire such things as knowing of your existence. Their hunger for the knowing of you feeds into a greater chain… one which feeds us all. The personas are many, but of the known, I will list them here:

Data Warehouses
  • Google – Devourer of knowledge and insight. Simple words summon forth a miasma of answers. Their countless eyes look and seek, while their open hands reveals things that one might desire or seek.
  • Amazon – The glutton of possessions. Their hunger is for your attentive self… while their whispers are to your hidden self. They seek to bring unto you, the physical manifestation of the things which you might desire.
  • WordPress – They are the spine upon which my immaterial thoughts are manifested! My words like flesh for the bones that gives it form.

How long we retain your data

I cannot speak for the desires and intentions of others. But for my own self and that of my hidden self… we do not seek to hold any of your essence within this crude construct. We only seek to reveal to you, that which we have learned and perceived. Your thoughts, while welcome, are not sought out to be capture like so much sap from a tree. Your thoughts and essence are free to come and go at will like the wind. What was placed here by the sealed powers are the only things that remain.

The Shorter The Better