Making Coffee, The Chuuni Way
  1. Making Coffee, The Chuuni Way
  2. Implements of Infinitesimal Transformation

A Wonderful Drink That Pleases The Chuuni Within

Sometimes, when I find myself at crossroads between unleashing the seal and watching the world be consumed by darkness, I draw strength from a dark brew derived from a humble bean, which has gone through a baptism of fire of its own.

I speak of Coffee! Glorious Coffee! Bitter as heck Coffee!

Yes, Coffee.

I have tried different varieties, brands, levels of demonification, and the many ways in which the goodness within the bean can be extracted out for my uses.

A simple cup of coffee... Such a quiet and plain appearance conceals such massive powers... my Chuuni self considers this a divine drink!
A visage of a humble vessel for a most dark brew.
Artist: Julius Schorzman.(source)

It Takes A Chuuni Village… Or A Global Supply chain

I currently reside within the borders of a country by the name of the United States of America. It is a long name for a country with a relatively short history… perhaps the USA also hides an inner self that seeks to burst forth… ah, a fellow chuuni.

Having said that, the bean which I require, is not produced within the Continental US. There are places that grow and produce the beans in the countries to our South as well to the far east, and the cluster of islands which flies the US flag.

Most all of the brews I have concocted have employed beans from the south and from the island.

It is quite fortunate that in this modern era, a wide selection of beans can be had:

Qualities To Choose From To Quell Your Chuuni Heart

While there are nearly infinite levels of a “roast” that can be achieved, there are really only three kinds that I look at. If you want to learn more about the wide array of roasts, check out:

Light Roast

This level of roast gives the most “green” tasting brew. If you want to experience a hint of spring and the most floral and fruit notes, this is the roast to choose. Due to the fact that caffeine is usually destroyed in the roasting process, the light roast will also have the most caffeine.

Medium Roast

Dark Roast

  1. Making Coffee, The Chuuni Way
  2. Implements of Infinitesimal Transformation

Ambrosia From A Far Off Land

Table of Contents

Sensory Bounty From Afar

I had recently falling into a deep and nearly unending slumber. My soul floated as if untethered to my mortal shell. I found myself seeing myself through the countless shattered fragments of an infinite mirror. I chased after countless shards, each one a precious facet of my own self.

Eventually, I was brought back to the waking world, my inner self once again bound tightly by my iron will. I opened my one eye which was not cursed with the penetrating vision of infinite insight. I arose and found that the spirits had brought forth some treasure from an unknown land.

The illustrations on the oddly pliable vessel indicated that much joy would be attained through the consumption of the contents. Yet, when I removed the cap, I found that the contents were as nearly well sealed off as my own inner darkness. An impenetrable membrane of metal. The work of a craftsman to be sure.

It was while pondering how I would penetrate this divine shield that I noticed the pointed tip of the vessel’s cap. Ah! A hidden tool to effect the release of this condensed compound of joy.

Ambrosia of Another world
Kalles Creamed Smoked Cod Roe Spread

The Substance Embodying The Essence of Smoke and Sea

When I applied my cursed eye to extract understanding of the tube’s contents, I learned that the contents were created through an amalgamation of elements:

  • The crushed jewels of aquatic life essence
  • Crystalized essence of sweet flora blood
  • Ground Earthborn Tears
  • Flakes of the Fruit of the Dark Earth
  • An assortment of alchemic powders to increase the longevity of the amalgamation
Jewels of Aquatic Life Essence
Salmon Red Caviar, Premium Chum Roe

My other self that can see into past lives informs me in shadowed whispers that such a blend would serve as a great meal for my own self and that which dwells within. I had nothing which would have properly paired with such a thing, but I entreated to obtain several waif like slabs of the common person’s grain-food as well as the congealed and aged fluid of life from the horned and hoofed creatures of the pastures.

I somehow managed to control my hand… shaking from the hidden soul’s excitement of what is to come… long enough to bring the off white cream and the earthen brown slab together. Thus forming a sufficient platform for the wonder that is to color the canvas of the palate.

Experiencing The Surge of Released Essence

So what gastronomic experiences did this fusion of disparate stuffs of existence produce? If one enjoys the sensation, the taste, and the smell of the sea, then this Ambrosia of a far off land… I personally found it incompatible with my palate. The fishiness of the paste was too excessive for me.

Fish roe paste on cream cheese and crackers. Contains the essence of the ocean... as well as the taste and smell.

Beware… Do Not Use In The Chuuni Vessel!

I have thankfully not committed this folly. However, I felt it important enough to mention: do not try to process this foodstuff within the Chuuni Vessel of Pressure. Bad Things(TM) of an olfactory nature will happen. You’ve been warned