Implements of Infinitesimal Transformation
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  2. Implements of Infinitesimal Transformation

The Journey From Birth To Rebirth

The denizens of the Earth whose vital essence we seek to extract is locked away. Each member is born a member of a commune, but upon being reaped, are separated into isolated individuals. However, that was not the end of their torment, but the beginning.

Countless days were spent, exposed to the elements. By day, the Sun parched all the members of their communes and their neighbors’ communes. Night provided brief respite as their numbers were tossed about like so much chaff. Day followed night and night followed day. The desiccated forms filled one’s vision. But this was not the end.

The countless bodies were brought in and away from the Sun… only to be sent into a massive chamber where they were beset upon by infernal winds. In time, light shades gave way to caramel. And caramel darkened to a rich brown. Moments later, the sounds of hard dried forms cracking can be heard. Like the sound of crystal rain drops.

What was once a moist and light colored form has been transformed into a hard and bitter form.

And yet, this is not the end of the journey. For before the true transformation is completed, what was before must be destroyed to facilitate the final release. This violent process has no deeper meaning beyond a single word: grind.

Choosing The Path of Extraction

The Path of The Scalding Geyser

One sect approaches the path of extraction through the use of intense heat and pressure. Pure waters are placed within a holy vessel and both temperature and pressure are compelled to gather.

The masses are brought together into a chamber of contemplation and undergo a ritual called “Tamping”. This ritual unifies the masses into one. And when both heat and pressure have been suitably achieved… the fiery of this blessed water is then joined with the unified masses.

Their cheers of release can be heard as their essence flows through the delicately fashioned pores… yielding an intense and rich liquid essence. The essence should be collected in a transparent vessel to make apparent the nature and quality of the liquid essence.

The Way of The Hot Spring Falls

Another sect prefers a more gentle method. Instead employing force to violently extract the essence, the masses are gathered gently together and the blessed waters then poured gently over them.

Both mingle, forming the hints of a vortex, as the essence is drawn out and fused into the fluids. Liquids flowing dark with life flows naturally down into a chamber to collect.

The forms and machinations of this sect’s varies greatly, but are all ultimately geared towards doing the same thing: bringing together solid and liquid together to facilitate release in an unhurried and unforced method,

The Way of The Marsh

Yet another sect decries the methods of the other two. They believe that both solids and liquids should be joined in holy union… not for mere seconds or minutes. But instead, for hours! They would be brought together within a singular vessel and placed within a realm of ice and snow. In this manner, the masses would never be exposed to excessive energies and thus would not convey their bitter feelings as strongly as their essence is extracted. Many have sought the wisdom of this sect and enjoyed the essence produced thusly.

While the Way of The Marsh is a path of modest means, there have appeared those with heavy pockets who have sought artisans to bring forth an instrument that could be considered art worthy of being passed down through the ages. As opposed to a humble vessel.

The Path of Adulterants

While many would accept such pure essences as they are, some have sought a path more entwined with that of the secular world. They would collect and inject such things into the essence of life. I have considered this at length and will commit my thoughts in the near future.

  1. Making Coffee, The Chuuni Way
  2. Implements of Infinitesimal Transformation
Making Coffee, The Chuuni Way
  1. Making Coffee, The Chuuni Way
  2. Implements of Infinitesimal Transformation

A Wonderful Drink That Pleases The Chuuni Within

Sometimes, when I find myself at crossroads between unleashing the seal and watching the world be consumed by darkness, I draw strength from a dark brew derived from a humble bean, which has gone through a baptism of fire of its own.

I speak of Coffee! Glorious Coffee! Bitter as heck Coffee!

Yes, Coffee.

I have tried different varieties, brands, levels of demonification, and the many ways in which the goodness within the bean can be extracted out for my uses.

A simple cup of coffee... Such a quiet and plain appearance conceals such massive powers... my Chuuni self considers this a divine drink!
A visage of a humble vessel for a most dark brew.
Artist: Julius Schorzman.(source)

It Takes A Chuuni Village… Or A Global Supply chain

I currently reside within the borders of a country by the name of the United States of America. It is a long name for a country with a relatively short history… perhaps the USA also hides an inner self that seeks to burst forth… ah, a fellow chuuni.

Having said that, the bean which I require, is not produced within the Continental US. There are places that grow and produce the beans in the countries to our South as well to the far east, and the cluster of islands which flies the US flag.

Most all of the brews I have concocted have employed beans from the south and from the island.

It is quite fortunate that in this modern era, a wide selection of beans can be had:

Qualities To Choose From To Quell Your Chuuni Heart

While there are nearly infinite levels of a “roast” that can be achieved, there are really only three kinds that I look at. If you want to learn more about the wide array of roasts, check out:

Light Roast

This level of roast gives the most “green” tasting brew. If you want to experience a hint of spring and the most floral and fruit notes, this is the roast to choose. Due to the fact that caffeine is usually destroyed in the roasting process, the light roast will also have the most caffeine.

Medium Roast

Dark Roast

  1. Making Coffee, The Chuuni Way
  2. Implements of Infinitesimal Transformation